Book Review #208


Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Published January 24th 2017 by HQN Books (first published January 23rd 2017)


0373789939 (ISBN13: 9780373789931)

Edition Language



Body Armor #1


Under Pressure is the first book in Lori Foster’s Body Armor series and a spin-off of her wildly popular Ultimate series. In this series she melds a variety of book types she’s well know for; MMA, suspense, and bad-a$$ protective heroes. Characters from her Ultimate series appear including the hero who has left his MMA days behind to become a bodyguard. I enjoyed this book quite a lot and felt that Ms. Foster, set the series up nicely without losing the romance of the couple which often happens in the first book of the series. We are introduced to several characters, but not so many as your head starts to spin trying to keep them straight especially if you read the Ultimate series. Under Pressure was intense at times but it was tempered with some sweet, sexy moments and lots of interesting dialog as well.

Leese Phelps is sure of one thing; his latest assignment is going to be the end of him. She might be from a wealthy family, but she has sprit and gumption and she is going to be hell on wheels to keep safe and he knows he will do everything possible to make sure he succeeds. This is a different Leese from the one we were introduced to in Foster’s Ultimate series, he’s grown up, he’s matured and he is very, very happy with his new occupation.

Being on the run for the last couple of months has made Catalina Nicholson tired and weary, but she refuses to just roll over at do what some man wants just because he’s deemed it so. I like that despite her sheltered upbringing and never really having to worry about anything, when she realized she was in danger she figured a way to get out of it often outsmarting those looking for her until she meets Leese and she begins to realize that he might be someone she can trust.

Being holed up to make sure Catalina is safe could have been a snooze fest, but instead it gave them time to really get to know one another especially after Leese made it known he would not get physical with her right away (and yes Cat was a little bit annoying about that at first). I enjoyed the times they spent together talking, cooking, working out, and verbally sparring.

There were some fantastic secondary characters in this story and I honestly can’t wait to see what Ms. Foster has in store for them especially the agency owner, Sahara and Justice whose story is next. The camaraderie between them was fantastic and a joy to read.

Some suspense, sexual tension leading up to some hot, steamy times, and a cast of vibrant and exciting characters made Under Pressure a fantastic start to a new series.


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