Book Review #211


‘The Duke of Manhattan’ is yet another 5-star read by Louise Bay. Scarlett & Ryder’s story is one that has a VERY unconventional beginning, but one that, eventually, will have you swooning in no time.

Ryder Westbury is British aristocracy, however he wants little to do with titles and estates. Now bear in mind, is not that he doesn’t care necessarily; he knows where he came from and what it all means. He’s just not caught up in the “glamour” of it all. He is his own person and has made his business and his millions due to his sharp business sense.

Scarlett King is a brilliant entrepreneur (as Ryder) that discovered her life’s purpose after an unexpected blow of heartbreak and divorce. What began as, “Oh, I’ll show my ex that I’m NOT who he thinks I am!” turned into finding her passion in working for herself and, in partnership with a friend, began a fragrance business that grew quick and fast.
Ryder and Scarlett meet unexpectedly, not knowing who each other really is. And…after a night of heated passion, they see each other again but in VERY different circumstances.

I really loved this book. Scarlett is probably my most favorite heroine of Louise Bay’s books. She’s a go-getter, and despite her divorce chipping a bit at her self confidence, she grows from the experience and doesn’t take crap from no one…not anymore.
At the same time, she’s a lover; a romantic, a giver. Her chemistry with Ryder is inevitable. They are truly made for each other…..they just needed to figure it out.

Just one-click…you won’t regret it!


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