Book Review #212


Kindle Edition, 20 pages

Published July 3rd 2016 by Enchanted Publications

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The Contract #1.5
This was such a joy to read! I loved Richard in The Contract, even when he wasn’t all that loveable. Watching his transformation due to the love of his Katy, is my idea of a great romance novel. Melanie didn’t keep him from further development, however. Watching him become Dada to his Gracie just floored me, and in a very good way! The best of ways! I couldn’t keep the smile off my face while reading this. Every moment from him rushing to the hospital, the $400 valet tip, the “what’s the name” confusion, to the big needle moment had me in stitches! Then I was in serious “awww” mode watching him become Dada! I love that this book focused on this. It showed us just how far he has come. Although, I’m happy about the adult time too. LOL. Richard is a classic book boyfriend, in my opinion. What girl doesn’t dream of transforming a bad boy? Katy continued her role as one of the best book heroines by recognizing what he needed and giving it to him without compromising her status as a strong women. Although, like most women, she may have moments of self doubt, she doesn’t let it consume her. Together they are perfect! As was this book!