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Weekend Review


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Published April 4th 2017 by Bookshots

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Owen Taylor #2
This story begins just after The End ends. (Little play on words) Owen has done something he may regret, and a former colleague shows up in time to get him out of town and back on the job, unofficially of course. She takes him to visit the wife of a former soldier Owen worked with who was almost killed due to a reporter’s carelessness. The wife wants revenge, and Owen is all too happy to help.

This book sees Owen back in his element as a soldier and travelling to various parts of the world. Will he be able to assist his friend’s wife while her husband is still alive? Will it make any difference?

I enjoyed this story, for the most part. The relationship between Owen and the woman who takes him to the friend’s wife is never completely explained. There is also a problem with the timing. Travelling does not happen that quickly in the real world, so that was unrealistic. There were some, “That-would-never-happen,” events in the story as well. However, it was enjoyable and easy to read. It also had a satisfying ending which is so important to me