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Book Review #213


Paperback, 296 pages

Published August 4th 2009 by Berkley (first published July 7th 2009)

Original Title
Bundle of Trouble
0425229246 (ISBN13: 9780425229248)
Edition Language
Maternal Instincts Mystery #1
Kate Connelly
San Francisco Bay Area, California (United States)

I’m not sure what I think of this book, actually. I certainly related to the sudden changes a new baby makes to her mother’s (and father’s) life: the wonder of breastfeeding, the mountains of laundry, the lack of sleep, the desire to stay home.

What is a mystery to me is how this new first-time mom could leave, or take, her baby to enter into dangerous settings if the story is meant to be any kind of serious read. I realize a cozy mystery leaves out the gore in the narrative, but I cannot buy into a story that leaves the reader so uncomfortable about this young woman trying to be a sleuth so early after childbirth.

I do have the other books on order from the library, so I will at least read the next one to see whether things become more believable and comfortable for me as the reader. What I’m hoping is that I do not follow my first inclination to call this a fantasy cozy, or some such term.


Okay everyone…. Yessssss I have finally made it to page 1000 in Stephen Kings “IT” never thought I would get here…review is coming in the next couple of weeks… throughout the coming months there will be different random posts about this book in anticipation of the September 8 movie release 🤡🤡

Oh and If you are wondering… I have this reviewed in one of the first 50 posts I did… it was a guest review. A friend of mine read it and she wanted to post something on my blog 👍🏽