Good Night

This would be me. Always and every night. You too? And if there just happens to be a sweet, smart and nice-looking guy beside you in that bed? Well, you’ve got all the bases covered. You definitely know what beds are for.


Book Review #214


Paperback, 300 pages
Published April 17th 2017 by JKB Publishing, LLC

1942832044 (ISBN13: 9781942832041)


Holy wow. This book was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. My heart is STILL in my throat after reading this. The writing paints such a vivid picture that you feel that you’re right there with Easton and Scout-in the locker room, on the diamond-wherever they are, you are. This was a journey I didn’t want to end-and certainly didn’t want to end with a cliffhanger.

I fell hard for Easton. I adored how REAL he was. I could feel his struggles-from living in the shadow of his father, to taking care of his mom, to finding out who HE really was. I wanted to hold sit with him and just be, just process who he was and what made him tick. Add in the fact that he had some serious swoon factor? Yep, I was toast. I’ll gladly add Easton to my list of Book Boyfriends…and he may even qualify as a Book Husband.

Scout was a great match for Easton. Their situations are similar in a sense, so they have something common to bond with even without their shared love of the game. I really, really wanted to give her a hug. She was pulled in many different directions and tried so hard to stay true to what she thought was the best thing for everyone. She had such a sweet heart under a tough exterior-getting to know her was a treat.

These two together were phenomenal. The chemistry is there-even when they both tried to avoid it. You can’t help but root for the two of them, to hope that somehow things will work when it seems it would really be for the best if they stayed apart. The sexy times were AMAZING, but the quiet, getting to know you times were just as amazing to me.

The plot and pacing of this book was spot on. The author had me intrigued and invested in what was happening with these characters from the start. The secondary characters added a whole other layer to this already complex book-and they were fantastic in their own way.

Now, this book does have a cliffhanger ending. Normally I hate that. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, of having to wait to see what comes next. This cliffhanger made sense-and also had me on the edge of my seat. I’m still speculating what may or may not happen next…and I probably will be until the end of June when the second book comes out. I highly recommend this book.

10 Different Book Covers of Stephen King’s ‘IT’!



Anticipation for Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel It is higher than ever, and in case you couldn’t tell I just love posting about it here on Capital Nerd

I’m currently DONE of reading the Bible-sized novel (at 100% woo hoo!) in preparation for the film’s release in September. As I was doing so, I got stuck in the internet wormhole of looking at all of the different covers the novel has had over the years. My personal favorite may be the most recent minimalist cover, My book has the image above


there’s some truly fantastic artwork on display here. Here are 10 of my favorites!

It-First-Edition.jpg1986 First Edition Cover      It-Book-Covers.jpg1987 Berkley Reprint Edition

It-International-Cover.jpgUK Mass Market Paperback

It-3.jpgUS Mass Market Paperback

It-Audiobook.jpg2010 Findaway World Audiobook

It-Clown.jpg2010 Audible Cover

It-Special-Edition-1.jpg2011 Cemetery Dance Special Edition

It-Spanish-Cover.jpg2013 Penguin Random House Spanish Edition

It-2.jpg2016 Turtleback Library Edition

It-Recent-Cover.jpg2016 Scribner Reissue (The Book I have and Favorite)

Which cover is your favorite? Do you own any editions that aren’t featured above? Let us know in the comments

Good Morning

Sigh… I am guessing that since Uta Hagen was one of the greatest acting teachers and coaches ever, our guy here is or wants to be an actor. I wish I knew his name. I’d watch whatever he’s performing in, wouldn’t you? And if he is up for a private performance, I have a few books we can read. 😉😉