Epic 2017 100 Book Challenge


Okay Everyone…After many months, late nights, money Spent and about 100 Starbucks runs later…

I’m FINISHED with the 100 book challenge for 2017

images.jpgThis challenge has been amazing. I’ve read some really good books, Some bad books, and Some books I’ve read long ago but revisited. Now I can get back to normal life…Maybe. Does this mean the reading will stop…HELL NO!!!! but I will be taking it easy for the next few months. I have a couple of books I want to finish but I’m in no hurry

*Books in Bold are James Patterson Book Shots




  1. The kept Women

2. Hot winter nights

3. The Christmas mystery

4. Going down fast

5. Hunted

6. The neon lawyer

7. The house husband

8. Sharp objects

9. Four letter word

10. Full package

11. Edge of chaos

12. 10,000,000 marriage proposal

13. What she said

14. Controlled burn

15. Shopping for a billionaire

16. Shopping for a billionaire 2

17. Shopping for a billionaire 3


18. Shopping for a billionaire 4

19. Christmas shopping for a billionaire

20. Shopping for a CEO

21. Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife

22. A wedding in Maine

23. Hidden

24. French twist

25. The fix up

26. Shopping for a CEO’s Fiance

27. The trial

28. Never never

29. On the rocks

30. The witnesses

31. The hot one

32. Cross kill

33. Say you want me

34. Let’s play make believe

35. Five minutes later

36. Shopping for a billionaire’s honeymoon


37. Organizing for success

38. How successful people think

39. Come and get us

40. The royals

41. The billionaires secret baby’s

42. One night in London

43. Malicious

44. Little black dress

45. Rules of contact

46. 113 minutes

47. Born a crime

48. The hostage

49. Black and blue

50. The verdict

51. Dazzling

52. The killing forest

53. The end

54. Radiant

55. The sexy one

56. Relentless

57. Taking the titanic

58. Exquisite

59. Make it a double

60. Bedding the highlander


61. Ego Maniac

62. The black book

63. Off sides

64. The passenger

65. Harris-AOS

66. The McCullagh Inn in Maine

67. Seducing Shakespeare

68. Under pressure

69. Tapping the billionaire

70. Dead heat


71. 10% Happier

72. Paris lights

73. Oklahoma Christmas blues

74. The invisible

75. The playmate

76. Discovering Sophie

77. Perfect summer

78. Gold

79. After the end

80. Diary of a succubus

81. Detective cross

82. Sweeter than ever

83. The shut-in

84. Sabotage

85. Bundle of trouble


***86/87 IT***

Since the book was so big (1 thousand pages) I decided to count this as 2 books

88. Mack Daddy

89. Baby clause

90. The Lawyer Lifeguard

91. Hitched

92. Hitched 2

93. Hitched 3

94. The postcard killers

95. Easy Melody

96. The knocked up plan


97. Shopping for a CEO’s Wife

98. Sexy Summer Fling

99. The Player

100. The Proposition


Fun Facts

  • I read 38 James Patterson Book Shots
  • March had the most books read at  (24)
  • I was able with the help of audible read (in some cases) 2 books a day ( If time was on my side) Often times I was able to read 3-4 books a week
  • 90% of the books read were on Kindle, Some where Paperbacks and a few IBook’s.
  • I started January 1st and ended July 7th
  • The two (2) books I loved (Let’s Play Make Believe and Paris Lights)
  • The two (2) books I hated (Perfect Summer, Harris-AOS)
  • Stephen King’s IT was the longest book I’ve ever read and took 3 weeks to read
  • Will I ever do this again…YES


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I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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