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51tX90vC0oL._SY346_.jpgHitched: (The Complete Series)

★★★★! Hitched: Volume 1 of 3. In order to keep their inheritance Noah & Olivia must comply with parents devious plan to marry them off – to each other


Paperback, 256 pages
Published July 5th 2016 by Everafter Romance
ISBN: 1682304116

Hitched: Volume One opens up to childhood friends heir and CEO-in-waiting Noah Tate and heiress and co-CEO-in-waiting Olivia Cane learning of some shocking and annoying stipulations, set forth by their own parents, in regards to:

The future of their empire.

Both schooled to one day take over they have known each other all their lives, even had a brief May-December puppy-love thing in their teens. But nothing could have prepared them for this development:

Get married to each other or lose the company.

Noah walks on egg-shells around an unpredictable and not-too-happy to have her romantic dreams of marrying the love of her life thoroughly crushed by their impending marriage. But he is soon faced with an even bigger when he reads the fine print and discovers that:

They must also produce an heir.

Story goes on to follow them in the events that follow with Noah trying to court Olivia and them fighting sexual urges – especially after she discovers his 9-inch cock – and occasionally giving into temptation by making out and dry humping each other in the most inappropriate public settings

Eight words to describe Noah Tate: Relaxed, jaded, immature, non-committal, overly optimistic, horny, horny and well-endowed.

Seven words to describe Olivia Cane: Romantic, stubborn, idealistic, smart, naïve, private and romantic.

Hitched: Volume One, told from dual POVs, is the opening to a 3-part serial offering a great mixture of fun bantering, sexual tension galore, denial, some more denial mixed with unrecognized feelings, as Noah and Olivia try to absorb and cope with their parents devious plan to through them together in holy uh I mean contracted matrimony. Up next is Hitched: Volume Two for the continuation of their story.

A fun, sexy, fast paced read!

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Sexual tension rating: 4 stars
Sex scenes rating: 4 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4 stars
Plot rating: 4 stars
Dialogue rating: 4 stars
Storytelling rating: 4.5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Overall rating: 4 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.


At the end of Volume one, just moments before Noah and Olivia were to tie the knot, Olivia performs a magic act and disappears out of thin air. No metaphorical wedding bells then for our love birds.

Noah is devastated and pissed off that no one would tell him where his fiancée is. He actually thought their relationship was going somewhere and they were getting closer than ever, so he feels hurt—and lets be honest, a little humiliated—that she disappeared on him like that.

He thought Olivia left because she saw the additional stipulation in the inheritance contract, but when she returns to their penthouse a few days later, he’s a little relieved that it wasn’t the reason. Turns out Olivia’s in a bind, and only left for a while to try and solve her problem on her own. When she realized she needed help, she went to Noah and told him the truth.

It was a little anti-climactic, but the two managed to fix the problem quite easily. Soon, they’re back to their smooth-sailing path to a more intimate relationship…until Noah finds out Olivia signed the inheritance contract without actually reading everything. Meaning? She has no idea about the other stipulation.

Seriously, guys, no one should do what Olivia did. No matter who wrote it or drafted it, read your contracts before you sign it. Every single word, letter, and punctuation mark. Because once you’ve signed that, it’s done. No turning back.

The guilt of not telling Olivia about the stipulation is eating up Noah, and it even put a damper on their first supposed sexy time. He’s been telling himself that he’ll tell Olivia, but he never finds the right time.

As we all know, secrets have their way of creeping out and biting you in the ass.

Obviously, we’re seeing more into who Noah and Olivia really are, and we’re also seeing a growth in their relationship in the work area and at home. They’ve proven how compatible they are in bed and how compatible they are as co-CEOs, but there’s still a few things getting in the way.

There’s a lack of communication on both sides, and it’s just frustrating! Olivia tends to run away when she sees any sign of trouble, and Noah keeps making excuses as to why he just won’t tell Olivia the truth. I’m pissed off at the additional stipulation in the will. As if an arranged marriage wasn’t enough.

I know the fathers meant well with their clauses, but it’s so restraining and ugh I don’t know. I can already imagine Olivia’s reaction when she finds out. She is going to flip.

I’m still rooting for a happily ever after between these two because damn it their chemistry is off the charts! And Noah is so sweet and hot and ugh. I have no more words.

In the conclusion of HITCHED we are left wondering if Olivia will ever be able to forgive Noah for his momentary lapse in judgement, and can she give their marriage another chance? Olivia ran off when she caught Noah trying to do something really underhanded just when she was starting to believe that they had a chance at true love. When he tells her about the “heir” clause that’s in the contract they both signed to gain ownership of their fathers’ company, it is just too much for her to take in and she escapes in order to gather her thoughts and to think of her next move.

Noah, in the meantime, is feeling devastated and remorseful. He wasn’t going to go through with what Olivia saw and wants desperately to fix their relationship. Noah realizes that the marriage means more to him than keeping their fathers’ company and so he decides he’s taking matters into his own hands and getting Olivia back. He does end up finding her and then they go to her father and their family lawyer to find out what possessed them to put the heir clause in the contract. Now this is the part, I wish had been cut out of the story. Olivia’s father explains how the two of them always seemed to gravitate towards each other ever since they were infants and mentions specific moments in their lives that neither seems to remember until this conversation. How is it that they have been so close for countless years and yet when it comes to remembering pivotal moments from their youth, they both seem to be suffering from dementia???

Overall, I did love Noah and thought he was a sexy as hell book boyfriend, but I didn’t ever really warm up to Olivia. I understood why she was so upset with Noah’s actions but I also didn’t understand why he was so crazy in love with her. He definitely deserved a better partner.

If you’re looking for a short and sexy series with a swoon-worthy hero, the HITCHED series is sure to satisfy your appetite.

HITCHED: VOLUME THREE is available now.

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