Book Review #227


Hands down, this has been by far one of THE BEST family series I’ve ever read. Adriana Locke has managed to get me so incredibly attached to this family, it’s not even funny. Because until now—and who knows, maybe ’til forever—I still have that deep yearning to be a Landry. The way she laid out and shared a perfectly imperfect, yet happy, contented and very tight knit family full of respect, loyalty and adoration for each member is utterly overwhelming in the most wonderful way possible. They all have me wrapped around their long, very capable and gorgeous—might I add—fingers. Each and every single one of them has me addicted. It really was a hook, line and sinker for me from the very first book, Sway. I mean, here I am, sitting and thinking I’m ready to commit a crime, getting into a polygamous relationship with these Landry brothers!

And I think, Ms. Locke just saved us the best brother for last. Because Ford Landry truly is the definition of almighty swoon-worthy. He has one of the biggest, softest golden hearts ever. The sweetest, most gentle alpha a reader like me could ever ask for. He’s also probably the realest, most not-out-of-reach out of the Landrys. Yes, just like his other siblings, Ford was born with a silver spoon, but he loved his simple life. He embraced it fully. His pad was more comfy than swanky. He’d rather eat at home and order take out than dine in some luxurious restaurant. And he’d rather spend quality time with you, cuddling up in bed or going to the lake and fish, than go out to some elegant night out or something. You know, the little things.

Ford Landry was TO DIE FOR. I really thought Graham was it for me. But nope, apparently someone got ahead of him by a hair’s breadth. Throughout this entire book, my heart was so full of love and happiness, beating wildly in my chest because of THIS MAN. His solid determination to get the love of his life back and earn that second chance with her melted me and heated all of my insides. You’ll just see and feel how much he really wanted that chance to prove that he has grown and left his young, dumb self a long time ago. And that this time around, he was in for the long haul.

Ellie Pagan’s character was relatable and just as intriguing and very entertaining as Ford’s. She had trust issues the size of Texas as she had her heart broken years ago by the only man she has ever loved. The man who was her first everything. But damn was it salvaged, repaired and now treasured by that very same man. I loved Ellie’s courage, despite everything else going on in her life, and her drive to pursue her dreams no matter what happened. She was scared and held back a bit, but sometimes, don’t we all? Her vulnerabilities actually just made her all the more real to me. And it was entirely riveting seeing her fit in, belong and get accepted into this family.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the kind of unbreakable bond these Landry siblings have. Ever. They never fail to melt my heart and make me appreciate the value of family. In Swear, all that just got highlighted and magnified even more. That dynamic they have will never get old. It will always make me want to go back, even for just a bit. It was the perfect blend of tender, sassy, funny and treasured moments all over.

This tale of a second chance at love will not only make your heart soar and burst with all the swoony feels, but will instill in your soul that after every storm, there always will be a beautiful rainbow waiting for you to find. It’s just a matter of patience and longing for that perfect moment to arrive. And Adriana Locke nailed all of that in this book, and then some.

Safety Check:-
Cheating- 乂

OW Drama- 乂
OM Drama- 乂
Separation- ✓
Cliffhanger- 乂
HEA- ✓
Epilogue- ✓ An amazing one!!

General Ratings
Ford- 4 Stars
Ellie – 4 Stars
Supporting characters- 4 Stars
Plot- 4 Stars
Storytelling- 4 Stars
Sexual tension- 4 Stars
Story ending- 4 Stars


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