Book Review #234


Paperback, 384 pages
Published September 1st 2015 by New American Library
ISBN: 0451473698
Edition Language: English

Genevieve’s uncle who lived in Paris passed away and since she is getting divorced from her cheating husband, Jason, she decides to go to Paris. Her cousin Catharine asks her to come over and try to sort things out.

I really loved that Genevieve went to Paris and she got to see some friends that she couldn’t even remember from when she was little. She had spent time over there with her uncle Dave and his wife and he taught her all about being a locksmith!

Genevieve always wore a key around her neck as well. She really loved her time in Paris and was upset when she had to come home.

I was confused several times because the book would go back and forth from the time Genevieve’s mom visiting Paris to the time Genevieve was there now and when she was young. The thing with Genevieve’s mom Angela is that she died when Genevieve was young and she wanted to learn more about her. But be careful what you wish for . . .

Genevieve also has a brother named Nick but they weren’t close. He already knows about the revelations and talks to her about it. I was like, “Hello! Couldn’t you have mentioned it sooner!”

As soon as Genevieve arrives in uncle Dave’s home/work, the doorbell rings and it’s an old friend of the family named Philippe. He was so kind and he wanted her to help him with some locks. She put him off but then decided to help, she unlocked many doors. I think it is just so cool to be able to do that with the old houses over there. Genevieve did have a nice time over there.

Genevieve met a man named Killian O’Mara. He was a very nice guy and I like to hope they get something together in the future. He took her to see the Love Locks Bridge, he wanted to take her picture there her being a locksmith and all.

Unfortunately, Genevieve had to go home and deal with all of the things with visa, etc. so she could come back. At the moment she wasn’t sure she was going to come back with the revelations she found out. I mean they were big ones. But . . . Under Lock and Key had to have someone run the place and they all wanted a new locksmith in the area. ♥

I thought this book was really sweet even though, like I said, I was confused at times. I think re-reading a book like this will give a better understand the next time around.


Author: mccullum001

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