Book Review #238


Hardcover, 288 pages
Published January 12th 2016 by Rodale Books

ISBN: 1623365406 (ISBN13: 9781623365400)

There I was, buckling my seatbelt at the start of a 3 hour flight from Dallas to Indianapolis. I exchanged a verbal hello to the people crammed next to me, before twisting my body to retrieve my copy of Level Up Your Life from my laptop bag.

I was already familiar with Steve’s work and mission. I remember years ago when he first started sharing his story, his passion for adventure, and his tactics for making life into a game on his blog. I’d watch the Nerd Fitness community grow from just a few people to hundreds of thousands of Rebels from all over the world.

So, I was curious to read at least the first few chapters of his first book to start my flight off on a good note.

Before I knew it, my reading was interrupted the captain over the loud speaker “Stewardesses prepare the plane for landing…” Glancing down at my phone, over two hours had passed and I was only a few chapters away form having blasted through the entire book in one sitting.

Not only that, but beside be was my notebook with a list at the top that said “Baker’s Epic Quest.” It was broken down by category with goals and tasks large and small scribbled down each column. On the opposite page was a list of allies I could recruit to help me with various “quests” and several changes I wanted to make to my “batcave” when I got home.

To be honest, I expected Level Up Your Life to be good. But I did not expect the book ITSELF to be an adventure to read. It’s chocked full of specific, tangible advice and tactics that you can apply right away – but the whole thing is wrapped in a blend of references to movies, books, and games from my childhood.

There are no shortages of books with advice on how to tweak or improve your life. Some are good, others… not so much. But in my experience, very few of them have that magic factor that makes it FUN to start dreaming, applying, and changing your life.

That’s what Level Up Your Life does better than any book I’ve read in the last 4-5 years. It makes it FUN. I was swept away to a world where I was planning out my Epic Quest. Where I was outlining what “boss battles” I would need to overcome along the way. I imagined what it would be like if I could train my body to support my goals and not hold me back. I planned out my families next trip overseas.

At the same time, I was aggressively scribbling down lists of steps. Writing down specific tweaks I wanted to make when I landed. I was doing more than dreaming, I was organizing exactly how I could get from where I was to where I wanted to be.

It’s no surprise I loved Steve’s writing, I thought I would. But what did surprise me is how much I bought into the gamification system he’s laid out for his own life. And it wasn’t just his example, there were many other readers and Rebellion members he outlined who shared similar goals to me (including the dad who did martial arts with his son, something I do twice a week with my daughter as well).

I feel like this book is a MUST read for anyone who recognizes they want to make to add more adventure and happiness into their life and are looking for a system that is not only effective in getting results, but is FUN and inspiring to get swept up into, as well.

I de-boarded that plane flight not only with a huge smile on my face, but with a notebook full of tangible changes I could start making that very day.

I’m pumped up to make 2016 an amazing year of adventure and positive change. And I have Level Up Your Life to thank for that.


Author: mccullum001

I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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