Book Review #243


309 pages
Published February 17th 2014
Edition Language: English


I waited a long time in anticipation of Pesh’s book! Unfortunately, I was a little let down by it; but not because it was a terrible story. My biggest complaint about “The Pairing” was that it was too nice, sweet, and flowery. I was a little torn because a big part of me didn’t want major angst for Pesh. I mean, the poor doctor had enough tragedy on his plate to last a lifetime; so he really did deserve the best HEA as possible! When I read a story though, I like to have a wonderful relationship develop, and then maybe a few problems to overcome. With Megan and Pesh, once Megan got rid of her idea of just wanting sex instead of a relationship, everything went smoothly from there. I found myself several times waiting for a bomb to drop. At one point she had given some family jewels back to Pesh’s brother, and I sat there thinking: “Oh, he is going to steal them isn’t he?” LOL Pretty bad when I am creating scenarios of conflict in my head!!

In saying all of the negative stuff though, I have to make sure that readers realize that there were some very heartwarming scenes as well. Little Mason, who is Megan’s son; made the story so much better. He was adorable, and the things that came out of his little mouth gave me warm fuzzies inside! It was also very nice to see Pesh get his HEA. I can’t say that I would have wanted a woman like Megan for him; but Pesh seemed to like her just fine. They seemed to bring out the best in each other, and they fell for each other very fast and hard. I did think it was cute how Pesh would try and teach her Tantric Sex and the pleasures that go with taking your time and waiting; and Megan was an instant gratification girl who wanted it hard,fast, and dirty! They were both opposite personalities in so many ways; but they were able to meet half way most of the time and make their differences work for them instead of against them.

So there you have it, these are my thoughts on The Pairing. If you are a Katie Ashley fan, and have been following this series; then you will want to dig in and see Pesh get his HEA! I would recommend saving this book for when you need a light read, after a major heavy book. My opinion also stays the same though regarding Katie Ashley as an author. I find her extremely talented, and I believe she is a writer who can go as far up the ladder she wants to go. I look forward to checking out her future books that are to come.


Author: mccullum001

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