This Bookstore In Romania Is So Stunning That You Will Want To Live And Then Be Buried There


Don’t get me wrong: I love my local Barnes & Noble. They’ve got all my favorite authors, a coffee shop to soothe my addiction, and even cozy chairs that nobody judges me for plopping down on and sneak-reading things I haven’t bought yet. But nothing that the local Barnes & Noble rolls out will ever compare to this beautiful bookstore in Romania transformed from a monument.

They claim it’s a bookstore, but it looks kind of how I envision heaven. It features sweeping designs that integrate older aspects of the monument with more futuristic, modern concepts, and the whole thing is bathed in white light, making its name, “Carousel of Light”, quite fitting. Just staring at the pictures, I already see approximately a thousand places I want to sit my butt down and read something. It has six floors and its own bistro in addition to the 10,000 books it can hold. So basically it has any bookstore I’ve ever visited beat on all counts. Apparently they even hold events there, and if that means people can get married in it, I am moved up my trick-a-hot-celebrity-into-marrying-me time table immediately.

I am a person of pretty high bookstore standards after having seen some impressive bookshelves and attending a university with a library that looks basically identical to the one at Hogwarts (which was probably 70% of the reason I applied to that school), but this one has reached an entirely new level of architecture porn. Look at these stunning pictures and see for yourself:




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